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Hi, everyone! I am Greta Unguvaityte - freelance artist from Lithuania.

Short bangs is my brand as my own style, which includes product design, graphic design and film photography - that's what I love and that's what I do. In this page I show a lot of projects from 'Product design' studies in Vilnius Academy of Arts. However, here you can also find many artworks from other projects with different customers.

AW Collection


The design starts from small objects to the spaces where it lives.

The variety of things shows the importance of emotional impact and functionality as well. Here reveals aesthetics between form and material.

The moment of accident, harmony of naturalness and strict construction is important to me in 2D artworks. The graphic design often combines my photographies, giving each work a greater part of me.

Photography is the task of interpreting the unique image. All my images are just an analog photography that comes with no additional processing options. Nature, cities and personalities are depickted on color and black-and-white frames.

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